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A legand: Ravi had its course through the place side stands the shrine of Rani Champavati and on the other is the famous ‘Hari Rai’ temple. A sage who was staying at Champavati shrine used to swim across the river Ravi to visit Hari Rai temple. To make the Darshan of Hari Rai easily available to the sage and the people, Sahil Varman arranged a week long Yajana and Lord Varuna was prayed for changing the river course. The lord obliged & changed the course.





Lahaul Spiti:



Baijnath town never celebrate Dushehra?

A strong belief that celebrating the festival will bring the wrath of lord Shiva on them keeps residents of the town away from burning the effigies of Ravana his brother Kumbhakaran and son Meghnath as per the tradition on Dushehra. As Ravana was a great devotee of lord Shiva.

According to a version, some people in the town tried to celebrate Dushehra about a decade ago by burning the effigy of Ravan. All of them died before next dushehra.

During Treta Yug, Ravana to have invincible powers worshipped lord Shiva in the Kailash Mountain. He even offered his 10 heads in the ‘Hawan Kund’. Impressed Shiva not only restored his heads, but also bestowed him with powers of invincibility and immortality.

Ravana also requested lord Shiva to accompany him to Lanka. Shiva consented to his wish and converted himself into a Linga. Shiva asked him to carry the Linga and not places the Linga down. As Ravana reached Baijnath he felt the need to answer nature’s call. On seeing a shepherd, Ravana handed him the Linga and went but shepherd kept the Linga on ground and it got stuck.





A Story: There was a Rajput king named Devraj married to two sisters Bachla and Kachla.For very long time they had no children. Bachla the elder one visited the shrine of Goraknath, a living saint of the period. He asked her to come next morning and promised her to give a boon.

Hearing about the promised boon, kachla in the guise of her sister visited the Baba next morning ,he gave her fruit, when Bachla visited the Baba she was taken aback. However he gave her another fruit Bachla ate half and gave half to mare she was riding. Kachla got a daughter named Gugri and Bachla a son named Gugga. The mare also has a foal.