The Champaran Movement Example

The Hindu Editorial 12th Jan 2017

Gandhi Ji started a movement to provide support to peasant who had a conflict with British Indigo planters, because peasants were forcefully called to cultivate indigo and government had turned blind eye regarding their problems. So peasants invited Gandhi ji to provide leadership to fight against both planters and government.

Methods used by Gandhi ji:

He led this movement as a political movement in a environment which was more challenging then today

  • He had learnt that how to maintain balance without alienating opposition i.e. government and indigo planters.
  • He kept his involvement and meetings with government officials and planters and on the other side he was able to gain popularity among planters.
  • During movement without taking law into his hands and protesting non-violently, he was the leader discussed everywhere.
  • Government had realized that if he stay in Champaran for another few days, may cause more problems.
  • So government decided to form a commission to make inquiry about planters grievances and Gandhi ji was appointed representative of peasants in the commissions.
  • Gandhi ji’s leadership had worked well. It was found that most of the demands were accepted by planters before commission made its recommendations.

So it was Gandhi ji’s way of working and motivate people and at the same time putting pressure on opposition and government without provoking opposition to take hard action to suppress the movement. Gandhi ji even tried his best to led the officials to know about peasant problems and urge them to get involve , to solve their problems.

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