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The world you would love to see after covid-19

Pandemic gives us a glimpse of renewable living which we aspire for decades and resolved under the earth summit. One way to strive towards this is the Provision of Urban Amenities to Rural Areas (PURA). It is a strategy for rural development in India given by former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul kalam

Primary health and primary education in India are neglected areas

To begin with, the most serious drawback of Indias health service is the neglect of rural masses, hilly, and remote areas. The SC/ST and the poor people are the ones who feel the brunt of this disparity. Although there is a large number of PHCs and rural hospitals, yet the urban bias is visible. Almost 31.5% of hospitals and 16% of hospital beds are situated in rural areas where 75% of the total population resides.

Role of government in promoting MSME

As we know that MSMEs work with an unorganized workforce, despite popular perception of it being cheap, there is a hidden cost involved in the unorganized sector. The workers in due course of time learn skills, as the employment is not contractual or permanent, any moment of the skilled labor will lead to the extinction of skilled labor which now is to be replaced by another unskilled person, what can be done?