Himachal Custom and dance

Marriage Customs

Types of marriages

Divorce System

Funeral customs

  1. Dubant : Drowning the dead body in a river.
  2. Bhakhant: Throwing the dead body in open field and let it be eaten by vultures and birds.
  3. Phukant: Burning the dead body.

Birth Customs

At the item of child both, the mother is housed in a separate room, in tribal area. She is often lodged in a cattle manor (Gohad).


Ornament and Jewellery

The term ornament means an object which is worn with a view to adorn oneself.

Folk Dances and Dramas:

Dances in Kinnaur

  1. The Naga Kayang: which copies the movement of a snake?
  2. The Heri Kayang: faster in tempo and danced to romantic songs.
  3. The shuna Kayang: combined with slow and fast movements.

Other important dances performed in Kinnaur region Shon,Gyukshon, Katakapa, Shabra, Shumgyak, YandoMando, Rekshung, Yulba, Lushen, Tali-Lamo, Tinger, Laka-kurchi-Cheja and Monshu.

Dances of Lahaul and Spiti:

Dances of Sirmaur:

The ballads sung are dedicated to some heroic deeds in a battle won in bygone age and to the dear ones lost in the battle.

Dances of Chamba

Dances of kullu


Folk Dramas

The Musical Instruments

Wind Instruments

Other wind instrument: Ranasingha, Karnal , Turhi (Bugle), Algoza (twin flutes) etc.

Stringed Instrument

Other are: Ektara, Kindari Devatara, Gramyang, Robab, Jumang, Ruman and Rumals.

Percussion Instruments

Jhanjh (large cymbals), Manjira (small Cymbals), Chimta (tongs), Ghanta (gongs), Ghariyal (large gongs), Thali (platters).

 Variety of Drums