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While you aim to land a rewarding Public Sector job, we ensure you get the best you can. Based on its experience, knowledge, and expertise, Jokta Academy offers the top IAS coaching in Chandigarh. Our approach to IAS preparation ensures you clear all the stages of the exam in flying colors.


Why Chandigarh for IAS Preparation?

From culture to crowd and coaching options, there’s a worthy list of reasons for choosing Chandigarh. So, if you are wondering whether to get top IAS coaching in Chandigarh or not, here’re some considerable factors:

  • Favorable Environment: A high literacy rate and sophisticated class of residents in Chandigarh give a supportive environment to students. It boosts the energy, delivers the right emotions, and offers the right level of competition for preparation.
  • Experienced Faculty: The high literacy rate supports the presence of experienced and educated faculty for IAS coaching in Chandigarh. Having faced similar situations, the teachers understand how students feel and can guide them better. Moreover, some trainers also don’t hesitate to provide extra time and support to IAS aspirants.
  • Reasonable Cost: If you compare an IAS academy in Chandigarh with metro cities, you will find a significant cost difference. This is due to a lower cost of living plus affordable fee structure in the city. Thus, if you wish to become an IAS officer but can’t spend too much, join an institute in Chandigarh.
  • Historical and Cultural Heritage: The capital of Punjab and Haryana has a wide historical and cultural heritage. This covers some important parts of the IAS syllabus. The Chandigarh State Museum could be a great learning spot for aspirants. Plus, Chandigarh is also host to important administrative, political, educational, cultural, and sporting events and functions.


How to Find the Best IAS Institute?

Although the city offers numerous options, you should find the best IAS institute in Chandigarh for the best results. Here are some factors that can help you:

  • Reputation and Results: Create a list of institutes known for offering the best IAS coaching in Chandigarh. You can get this information online or from local sources. Now, compare them in terms of reputation, reviews, and past results.
  • Batch Size: A limited batch ensures better learning. Some institutes might be taking 100+ students in a single batch. And you should avoid such places as learning won’t be that effective for you.
  • Alumni: That’s another essential factor. You should check with the alumni and know how they feel about the institute. Besides, knowing how far they could go because of the coaching can help evaluate better.
  • Fees: Last, compare different fee structures and packages available. You can find academies offering all-inclusive packages covering travel and accommodation facilities as well. If you don’t need extra facilities, you can compare the coaching fees only.

Why Jokta Academy for Top IAS Coaching in Chandigarh?

There are various reasons why IAS aspirants choose Jokta Academy, such as:

  • We assist every student in getting the best rank in the IAS examination.
  • Our experienced faculty offers the best guidance so students stay on the right track of preparation and performance.
  • We invite aspirants from all walks of life who can be students, working professionals, or homemakers.
  • Our trainers help students with concept clarification. We aim to enable you clear all the stages (prelims, mains, and interview) in the UPSC examination.
  • With regular tests followed by classes, we keep a check on the progress of students’ learning and performance.
  • Motivation is an important thing that you will get here, at JOKTA ACADEMY, till you achieve your goal.

Besides coaching, we also help you get the best IAS study books and preparation material.