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HAS Study Material

A combination of the right knowledge and dedication can help crack the challenges of life. Similarly, to pass the HPAS exam, you need to pick a worthy mix of preparation, coaching, and the best books for HAS exam. And we know, this is one of the most confusing aspects of the exam. So, we brought you a dedicated section to help you get hands-on a worthy selection of HAS study material.

What HAS Subjects do you Need Books for?

As you might already know, there are three stages of HAS exam, namely preliminary exam, main exam, and personal interview. And each stage focuses on a specific pattern and syllabus. If you are not completely aware of the same, you can read about the HAS Syllabus and Pattern here. Besides, with each section covering different subjects, you can prepare for each using the best books for HAS exam. Subjects you need books for are current affairs, geography, history, Indian polity, Indian and Himachal economy, environment and ecology, and science and technology.

Best Books for HAS Exam – Current Affairs

This subject forms a crucial part of the exam and sometimes can be the rank decider. Moreover, it leads to other subjects as many topics revolve around it. So, a comprehensive study of the subject should cover both current happenings and the basics to give you an edge. Check out this study material for HAS current affairs:

NEWS Papres

  • The Hindu
  • Indian Express
  • The tribune
  • Giriraj
  • jokta acdemy monthly current affairs magazine

HPAS Study Material – Geography

It’s another important part of the exam as it comprises a good proportion of questions. Since Geography holds a good value in both prelims and main exams, you can consider these books for the subject.

HAS Study Material – History

Indian history is divided into three sections, namely ancient, medieval, and modern. The exam’s history section focuses more on Himachal’s history and modern history. In addition, getting familiar with the state’s local deities can help answer a few extra questions correctly. A recommended list of HPAS study material for history includes:

Best Books for Indian Polity for HAS Exam

The administrative and political structure of the state and government functionalities of HP and India is this section’s prime focus. These books can help you in preparing for the Indian polity subject for the exam.

Study Material for Indian and Himachal Economy

The economy subject for the HAS exam covers various topics. Main topics include Himachal’s economic structure, difficulties the hill state faces, the state’s economy component, and revenue generation by Himachalis. Here are some of the best books for HAS exam’s economy section.

Environment and Ecology Books

Earlier, current affairs covered this subject but now it has been moved to the general studies portion. You should know the local environment, problems people face, and feasible solutions. Get these books to prepare for the section.

Science and Technology Study Material

While this subject brings questions from general science fundamentals and the latest technology, current affairs cover almost half of it. You can use these books in addition to journals and newspapers to prepare for the subject.

More Study Material

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